Eligibility will be determined by:

a. referral by any of the following:               
-medical professional (ex:  doctor, social worker)
-educator (ex:  teacher, counselor, etc)
-parent or legal guardian
-potential mentee (which is basically yourself)
-mentor who needs financial assistance for their mentee(s)

b. the following may be requested in order to prove financial need for assistance:     
-most recent tax return
-6 months of paystubs
-6 months of bank statements
-list of monthly expenses

c. letter or personal statement no more than 2 pages: 
presenting your goal(s) to us and why you think we are the right group to help you

d.  official transcripts: 
A minimum of 2.0 GPA is needed in most cases for eligibility

e. references of at least three people:
who will vouch for your ability to achieve your goal(s) with our assistance  

complete application form:

Individuals (from Kindergarten to college students pursuing Bachelor's degrees) who are experiencing hardship are eligible for services and/or financial assistance.

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