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Thank you to all the people who volunteered and donated to support our Summer 2015 fundraisers: Cindy Cox, Dr. Juan Alejos, Sung Kim, Iraiz Carson, Kim O'Donoghue, Patrick McGuire, Cindy Cox, Jon Covington, Erin Rice, Jackie Domingo, Kristen Ethridge, Adrienne Belay, Julie Wozniak, Dr. Dan Levi, Tony Gronroos, Lisa Gronroos, Christina Estrella, Jesus Pena, Vanessa Jimenez, Stephanie Rincon, Jennyerika Barco, and Elena Paul.

Special thanks to Erin Wiebe and The Sisterhood Girls Club at Amino College Preparatory Academy for putting together the gift bags for the event at The Pantages Theater.



Our November 25, 2014 fundraiser was a success. Special thanks to all of the people who sponsored our students & families, and volunteered their time to make this event possible:
Angela Roberts, Chae Kim, Cindy Cox, Dean Ramser, Dr. Ashley Williams, Dr. Christoph Lee, Dr. Juan Alejos, Dr. Lois Andre-Bechely, Dr. Nancy Halnon, Elena Paul, Glysis Nelson, Happy Hours Shades, Herbert Yuen, Jamie Ho, Jane Hernandez, Jon Convington, Joseph Sandoval, Julie Wozniak, Justin Saco, Laila Ramji, Loumielyn Devera, Maryann Francis, Mercedes Perez, Morteza Yassini, Patrick McGuire, Rene Rances, Sherry Cope, Stephanie Rincon, Steven Holguin, Tara Robinson, and
Valerie Lim


Please scroll down to view all our local businesses and individuals who have sponsored us throughout the years:

Special Thanks to all of the individuals who contributed to our 2016 fundraiser for our students and mentors: Charlyne and Young Oh, Nina Palomino, Laila Ramji, Dean Ramser, Valerie Sun, and Drew Cardillo.  And thanks also to all of the following businesses for their contribution: